World Champion Safecracker


Even with high tech tools such as drills, torches, and crowbars, it could easily take hours for someone to break open a safe.

This is not the case for World Champion Safecracker, Jeff Sitar.

An expert locksmith and 7 time World Champion Safecracker, Sitar uses only his ultra-sensitive fingers to open a safe within minutes. You would think that even with his phenomenal sensitivity he would only be able to crack open basic security safes, but he is able to do so much more. With a 4 turn tumbler system and over 100 million combinations to resist easy openings, Sitar is able to crack seemingly uncrackable bank safes within five minutes.

Luckily for us, Sitar uses his talents to help the FBI, Secret Service, high end jewelry stores, and major banks.


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