Why Safes Have Different Barrier Types


A variety of barriers among safes allows people to find the ideal safe for what they are looking to protect.  Some safes are composed of inches of rolled steel, amalgamate and porcelain, while others are simply metal boxes.  A safe composed of inches of steel and amalgamate may protect jewelry and precious metals, but a safe composed of only steel might only be intended to protect small amounts of petty cash from a cash register.

With price in mind, people are able to “build a wall 1-foot taller than the criminals ladder”, preventing theft without breaking the bank by looking for the barrier that is specific to their needs. This barrier meets their budget, while staying 1 step ahead of the criminal.

But the type of safe barrier is not all you need to know to find your perfect safe. Click here to learn about UL ratings, which use testing procedures to evaluate the performance of a safe, rather than measure minimum design requirements.



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