Why Armed Guards are False Security


The emerging cannabis industry faces many security challenges – but not unique security challenges.  The security challenge of having high value objects and cash onsite also exist in the jewelry, pawn and banking industries – all existing for centuries.  It is interesting then to watch the emerging cannabis industry experience a learning curve in security.

One of the most dangerous misnomers of the cannabis industry is the idea of an armed guard.  Dispensary owners are buying into the notion that an armed guard is a sufficient security plan.  Some of this stems from state legislation on the industry.  But an armed guard outside your business is a risk for a few reasons.

The first is that they could actually shoot someone.   Imagine the court battle you are now  in when your armed guard has shot, or perhaps killed someone.  It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, you will be in court, your stress levels will be high and it will cost a lot.  Bad idea.

The second is that putting an armed guard out front escalates the situation.  If an armed gunman comes into your store, you don’t want a fire fight.  Other business we have named – jewelry, pawn and banking – have many more years that the Cannabis industry yet have not armed guards because the liability and danger they add outweighs the benefit.

The third is that you are hiring a human.  As security experts we like to leave humans – and all their errors – out of protecting physical assets.  Rolland values consistency and tested reliability that historically performs well.  Humans can get scared.  Or nervous.   Or they can plot against your business.

Humans are messy and unpredictable.  There are much better ways to protect your business-  like banks, pawn shops and jewelers – with UL rated safes that feature Time-delay and Time lock.

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