What to do During a Civil Disturbance


Tony Gallo, former Loss Prevention Director at a major pawn chain, shared some key points for business owners about what to do during a civil disturbance ie: riot and looting near their store.

1) You should check with your insurance provider but most policies cover civil disturbance.

2) The key to a civil disturbance plan is to try and “reduce” the losses in the store.  Depending on where you are located you may not be able to prevent them.

3) Your safe should be used as the store’s lifeboat. Based on my experience, very rarely do rioters get into a good safe because they usually do not have the tools. So, pack the safe with as much merchandise as you can before you leave the store.  You may not be back for a while.

4) Leave the store when it is safe to do so and take anything of personal value with you ie: pictures, files, trophies etc.

5) LEAVE THE STORE AND GO SOMEWHERE WHERE IT IS SAFE. That is why you have insurance and a good emergency plan. It is not worth you or anyone else’s life for just “stuff”.

6) Don’t return until it is safe to do so. Have at least one other person return to the store with you after a civil disturbance and check for any break in prior to entering.


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