What Cannabis Safe Drives Criminals Crazy?


Tonight you are going to commit a dispensary burglary. You have your tools, your plan and your anxieties. But you’re a professional and this is not your first rodeo. After getting past the alarms and getting inside you start your work on the safe. You patiently torch the outer layer waiting for it to melt away. You’re barely able to penetrate the outer layer of metal. You’re overcome with frustration but you press on. After what feels like an infinite amount of time you start on the concrete.

But wait?!? There is this unexpected strange pattern of steel inside.  You panic!  You didn’t plan for this.  What about your drill bits?   It’s not like you can go and get more.

You switch out tools to break through the steel. Then more concrete. Then more steel! What kind of madmen made this safe!  Not again Rolland!  Time is ticking away and your instruments of theft are becoming dull.  You give up and leave empty handed.  Next time you’ll look for an easier safe and take note never to mess with this location again.

Rolland builds its safes to drive criminals mad during an attack.  With anxiety at a high level, any element of surprise can impede a well thought out criminal plan.  Inside our safe walls we have unique concrete and steel designs namely “The Z” Formation; “Labyrinth of Confusion” and “Spiral of Madness” which are designed to thwart a criminal attack on one of our TL30 rated safes.  When criminals are confronted with one of these safe puzzles that act as a visual riddle, criminals are blindsided and often abandon their target for fear of getting caught.

Dispensary Security Solution

Last week, Tony Gallo, recently named “The Most Influential Person in the Southwest Cannabis Industry” wrote an article for Cannabis Business Executive professing the Top Safes for the Cannabis Industry. Among others was Rolland’s Drawer Management System (DMS). The DMS is a TL30 rated safe that possesses this unique internal design and was designed specifically to cater to the cannabis industry. You can read the full article here.

When it comes to your business it is crucial to go to any length to protect your cash and assets. As the saying goes, “better safe than sorry.”



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