What Makes this Cannabis Safe So Threatening to Robbers?


A recent study of the Cannabis Industry in Denver Colorado revealed that most cannabis-related crimes in the area were robbery situations. Not only are robberies costly, they are dangerous to your employees and customers.

What can you do about this?

The best way to protect yourself from a robbery is to use a safe that is designed specifically for countering classic robbery situations. The Rolland Drawer Management System (DMS) has been such a barrier to criminals, that it much of the time businesses will display their cannabis safe proudly at the front of their store, because it serves as a warning that their location is too difficult to rob.

What makes this Cannabis safe so threatening to robbers? Check it out:

The DMS is inefficient to rob.

Product is separated into individually locked drawers. That means a robber can’t just open the safe and have instant access to all contents. They will have to open the safe, and then get access each drawer one at a time.

They have to wait.

A drawer will not unlock immediately after the safe code is entered. If there’s one thing robbers hate, it’s time. The longer a criminal is at your store, the higher the likelihood that they will be caught and arrested. With time delay, drawers won’t open until a set amount of time has passed. The robber will have to wait that same amount of time for each additional drawer to be opened.

They can’t steal much.

Even if a robber had extra time, they could only obtain a maximum of three drawers from the safe. After three drawers are opened in rapid succession, as they are in a robbery, the safe shuts down completely for 30 minutes.

The DMS calls the cops.

You can secretly alert authorities of the robbery. The DMS offers a duress code, which is a special code that will operate the safe as normal, but will also alert that your location is being robbed.



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