What is PawnSystem Roulette?


What is PawnSystem Roulette?

PawnSystem Roulette is a fun way to learn how to use Rolland’s revolutionary PawnSystem and feel like you’re taking a trip to the casinos of Las Vegas.

It’s all up to chance- pick your drawer. All of our drawers have a prize, but in PawnSystem Roulette, YOUR drawer could have a huge cash prize waiting inside.

So instead of heading to the casinos and returning with empty pockets, just play Rolland’s PawnSystem Roulette at the Texas Association of Pawnbrokers Expo October 17-19 at the Hilton in Downtown Fort Worth where we’ll be giving out more than $500 in cash!

Be sure to stop by booth #407 to come see us, and get 5% off your PawnSystem if you order before November 1st. See you there!


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