What is a Smart Safe?


Smart Safes are safes that automatically accept, validate, record, and store notes in a secure environment behind the safe vault door. Smart Safes are typically characterized by having the following features:

  • Note validation – Smart Safes feature advanced note validators that enable a cashier to deposit notes into the safe, enabling the safe to record and track each deposit while automatically checking for counterfeit notes.
  • Cash Tracking and Accountability – Smart Safes require a login via individual user ID before any transaction can take place. This ensures that all transactions are reconciled and auditable. This also helps stores accelerate the reconciliation of end of shift and end of day balances to the store’s POS. Smart Safes also expedite the balancing of discrepancies, preparation of deposits, and also enable a store to gain a better understanding of their cash usage patterns.
  • Reporting capability – Smart Safes have the ability to generate a multitude of reports, either locally (via an integrated printer) or remotely (via connectivity over a network or cellular communication), allowing store managers, loss prevention, treasury, and other departments to best utilize the safe to their specific business needs.
  • Connectivity – Another key attribute of Smart Safes is their ability to connect online, either via Ethernet or cellular communications. Connectivity can be made to the store’s network, or to a central console/dashboard at the store’s headquarters, a store’s bank, or a store’s cash-in-transit provider, or all of the above. Connectivity, combined with the report generation capability, enables retailers to leverage a Smart Safe in such a way that they can effectively and efficiently close the cash management loop.

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From Tidel Quality Cash Solutions, “Introducing the Smart Safe”. View the Tidel Series 3 and Series 4 Smart Safes.


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