What can a Smart Safe do for your Business? – Operations


What can a Smart Safe do for your Business?

Introducing a Smart Safe Cash Management Solution offers numerous benefits to business operations.

  • Because the Smart Safe is now addressing many of the manual tasks previously appointed to the manager, the manager can now stay in the store and manage. Non-productive manager labor is reduced. The manager can focus on value added activities such as:
  • Supervising and training employees
  • Customer service
  • Inventory management
  • Vendor management
  • Merchandising
  • Merchandise shrink management
  • Executing corporate level programs
  • Cashier labor for sweeps, or envelope preparation and end of shift balancing is reduced
  • Internal cash losses are reduced – every cashier should be balanced every shift
  • Merchandise losses are also reduced, as the manager has time to monitor activities inside the store
  • Manager and cashier time required for investigations is reduced, as discrepancies should be reduced
  • Costs to replace and train cashiers and/or managers terminated strictly due to cash discrepancies should be significantly reduced
  • Compensation for managers to drive to the bank is eliminated
  • The cost of business insurance required if the manager drives his car to the bank is eliminated
  • A reduction in pickup frequencies may be possible, resulting in reduced CIT costs
  • Supply costs may be reduced for tamper evident bags and envelopes
  • Safety for store employees and customers is improved by reducing exposure to robbery
  • Safety is also improved, since managers no longer drive to the bank with the inherent exposure to vehicular accidents and robbery
  • Legal costs associated with robberies, prosecution of dishonest employees, manager accidents driving to the bank, etc., are reduced

Call 214.845.6800 or email sales@rslc.net for a free security consultation to see if a Smart Safe is the right cash management solution for your business operation.

From Tidel Quality Cash Solutions, “Introducing the Smart Safe”. View the Tidel Series 3 and Series 4 Smart Safes.


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