What Can a Smart Safe do for Your Business? – Loss Prevention


What can a smart safe do for your business?

Introducing a Smart Safe Cash Management Solution offers various benefits to Loss Prevention in your company.

  • Cash exposed in tills should be reduced, thereby reducing robbery losses at the till
  • Cash losses are reduced by improved accountability of every cashier on every shift. Internal and external theft are reduced
  • The manager no longer has access to the deposit except in dual custody with the CIT company. Also, the manager no longer takes the cash to the bank. Thus, robbery and internal theft losses should be greatly reduced
  • Loss Prevention travel expenses are reduced along with the reduction in incidents requiring investigation
  • With the increased availability of the manager to manage vendors and inventory, non-cash losses can also be reduced
  • Store personnel safety is improved as noted above

Call 214.845.6800 or email sales@rslc.net for a free security consultation to see if a Smart Safe is the right cash management solution for your business operation.

From Tidel Quality Cash Solutions, “Introducing the Smart Safe”. View the Tidel Series 3 and Series 4 Smart Safes.


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