Violent Store Robbery


This is the second time this small convenience store has been robbed since it opened only a few months ago.

The video shows a man walk right up to female clerk, and force her down by the neck. A second man begins forcing his way into the cash register, even smashing it on the ground- where it landed on the clerk. She left the scene with several cuts on her face and head.

A CCTV system in your store is important, but that should not be your only deterrent to preventing robberies. A lack of security at your location may result in your location being targeted for robberies- which is likely the case for this small convenience store.

A good loss prevention program would have addressed some key issues and may have prevented this incident or reduced the loss.

1) Why wasn’t the cash area door locked?

2) Why was there $4,000 in the cash drawer?

3) Why wasn’t the cash drawer bolted to the counter?


Preventing the next robbery should always be your goal.

Be safe and be profitable.


Written by Tony Gallo, Sapphire Protection



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