Two Burglars Attempt to Open a Rolland Safe


When we watch a video or hear a news story of an overnight break-in, many of us think “how terrible” or “I hope this never happens to anyone else”.

The reaction isn’t the same when the break-in has occurred where burglars attack a Rolland safe. After watching this break in from Far North Dallas this week, our reaction is more one of

“We hope this happens to you!”

Not the break in itself, as no one wants damage to their doors, windows, or wherever a burglar enters, but we can’t help but get a good laugh out of watching these two burglars attempt to open a Rolland safe in this video.

When you as a business owner invest in a Rolland safe, you are investing in top-notch security. And while we hope no unwelcomed visitors come with criminal intentions to your business, we hope that you will choose to have the confidence of security that comes with a Rolland Safe.

For more information on the safe being attacked in this video, or for information about other safes that offer you top-level confidence in your security, please email or call 214.845.6800.

break in attempt


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