The True Cost of An Armed Robbery


The cash isn’t all you’re losing. The soft costs associated with an armed robbery could be the most destructive to your operation. Could your restaurant survive the hit?


Turnover Costs

Following an armed robbery, many employees no longer feel safe working at the restaurant. Companies face multiple challenges as they lose their staff, and these translate into cold hard cash.

Some employees may be eligible for unemployment following the mental distress that can be caused from an armed robbery.

As a restaurant begins to lose staff, they will need to hire new employees, incurring the cost of training for multiple new employees all at once.


Loss of Business

Think about the public image your location now has to your community. Want to be on the local news for the latest armed robbery? With all of the bad publicity, will your guests find another restaurant to satisfy their needs? Guests can’t enjoy a comfortable meal if they feel they must be concerned for their safety.


Insurance Rates

Insurance rates may increase following an armed robbery, drastically effecting your profit margins.


There is so much more to consider than the loss of cash at your restaurant. If an Armed Robbery happened at your store, what would be the total for all of these damages?

We suggest the Rolland Cash Wizard, which offers features that deter armed robbers  by making it take longer to complete a robbery, increasing their chances of being caught. With time delay and time lock, we even suggest you put the safe visibly in the front of your store to serve as a warning to robbers that your location will be neither fast nor easy to rob.

Call Meredith Clinton at 214.845.6824 or email to learn more about implementing security that stops an armed robbery before it happens.



Written by: Krysten Demster



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