Top 5 Cannabis Blogs of 2016


2016 has been an exciting year for the Cannabis industry. There have been major developments and an increase in advocacy leading to 8 states passing new propositions to legalize marijuana to some extent. Like any industry, growth and expansion too rapidly can come with consequence. Slow the succession and take a quick look at the Top 5 Cannabis Blogs of 2016 to prevent yourself from making critical errors and experiencing potential losses in 2017.

How to Detect Counterfeit Bills

With the developments that have been made in digital printing, it is now easier than ever to print counterfeit bills that can easily be passed off as authentic to the average cashier and business owner. Due to this increase, it is vital that owners and managers properly train their employees on how to identify these counterfeit bills.

How to detect a counterfeit bill

  • Compare a bill you know is authentic
    What is the texture of the bill that you are suspicious of? Money is made from cotton and fibers, not paper. Regardless of its age, bills should feel crisp and durable. Bills printed on normal paper are easily torn and become soft over time. If you drag your finger over the portrait of the bill, you should feel ridges that are created from the intaglio printing process. How thick is the bill? Genuine dollar bills are thinner than most counterfeit bills. During the process of creating the bills, thousands of pounds of pressure are applied which causes these bills to feel thin and crisp. Try comparing the texture or thickness of your bill to that of a one dollar bill, which is rarely counterfeit. Read More

Marijuana Business Security

In the world of cash businesses, burglaries, and robberies are not the only issues at the forefront of a business owner’s mind. An important aspect of business planning, for dispensary and grow owners in specific, is making sure their location is in compliance with their state’s regulations.

One of those key components is security. Every state has their own unique regulations but the best route to take, regardless of where your location lies, is to stay ahead of regulations.

Even if your state does not currently require a UL rated safe, it is likely that, as new policies are put into place, this will be a requirement across the nation.

To help you get ahead, we have put together a list of the top recommended physical security products you should be implementing to secure your cannabis grow or dispensary. Read More

Cannabis Security Panel at NECANN

Did you catch Keith McCuen and Tony Gallo on the Cannabis Security Panel at the New England Cannabis Convention?

If not, here’s a quick guide to a few key concepts that were covered during the panel!

1) What are some of the most important things for dispensaries in combating prevention loss?

  • The most important thing for dispensaries to do to combat losses is to develop a culture of honesty at your location. This means having a Zero Tolerance policy for any kind of theft. It also helps to follow proven Prevention policies and procedures. Read More

What Cannabis Safe Drives Criminals Crazy?

Tonight you are going to commit a dispensary burglary. You have your tools, your plan and your anxieties. But you’re a professional and this is not your first rodeo. After getting past the alarms and getting inside you start your work on the safe. You patiently torch the outer layer waiting for it to melt away. You’re barely able to penetrate the outer layer of metal. You’re overcome with frustration but you press on. After what feels like an infinite amount of time you start on the concrete.

But wait?!? There is this unexpected strange pattern of steel inside.  You panic!  You didn’t plan for this.  What about your drill bits?   It’s not like you can go and get more. Read More

What Makes this Cannabis Safe so Threatening to Robbers?

A recent study of the Cannabis Industry in Denver Colorado revealed that most cannabis-related crimes in the area were robbery situations. Not only are robberies costly, they are dangerous to your employees and customers.

What can you do about this?

The best way to protect yourself from a robbery is to use a safe that is designed specifically for countering classic robbery situations. The Rolland Drawer Management System (DMS) has been such a barrier to criminals, that it much of the time businesses will display their cannabis safe proudly at the front of their store, because it serves as a warning that their location is too difficult to rob. Read More


Written by: Heather Haney

Date: 12/20/16



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