Tony Gallo is the Most Influential Person in the Cannabis Industry


A huge congratulations to Tony Gallo for winning the 2015 Southwest Cannaward for the Most Influential Person in the Cannabis Industry! We couldn’t be more proud of Tony for being a part of the dedicated group of professionals who have influenced the future of security and safety as they continue to grow the industry.

The 5 lb sledgehammer award represents the “breaking down of barriers in the cannabis industry”, and we all know that Tony has been a huge help in doing just that.

A non-existent relationship with the banks, and the risk of burglary for this high-value asset are both incredible barriers to the industry, yet Tony advises cannabis entrepreneurs around the country on how to defeat these barriers – as if he is breaking them down with a giant sledgehammer.

Awesome work, Tony!

One of the offerings Tony provides to his clients is implementing and creating company policies and procedures which you can read more about on this post. 

Tony is considered one of the leading authorities in financial loan service and cannabis industry security, armed robberies, smash and grabs and burglary investigations and has worked with many companies over the years on improving their loss prevention programs. If you would like to contact him with any questions about the security of your location, cash, and assets, please email or follow him on twitter: @SapphireProtect.


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