Tech of the Month – Jim from Allstate Security Company


When a request form a customer comes in for service, the timer begins. The process from the initiation of the call to the moment a technician steps on site is one that is measured for performance. It is not common when that window of time is severely shortened due to a technician being unable to complete or accomplish the task on hand. At that point, the reaction time now weighs heavily on the next closest technician.

A few weeks ago, Saturday December 6, 2014, one of our larger customers made a request for service to be scheduled for that weekend. This type of request is odd due to the high volume of business for that specific customer on the weekends; however this request was time sensitive and meant that special considerations would need to be made. Jim with Allstate Security in Connecticut rose to the challenge. What is normally a 48 hour window to get scheduled, had become less than a 24 hour time frame to now schedule, get approved, and complete the actual task. This request was the not the normal every day locksmith issue, either. This involved moving a 400 lb safe, welding brackets in the parking lot, and then moving the safe back into the store to be bolted down.

Jim demonstrated his willingness to go the extra mile for Rolland. This technician is commonly used for save moves, but this particular task was one that he drove a large distance to complete on the pre-projected timeline. Without his flexibility we would not have been able to achieve our customer satisfaction to Rolland standards.


Congratulations, Jim from Allstate Security Company!


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