Security and Safety Tips for the Holiday Season


Security and Safety Tips for this holiday


Security and safety awareness are especially critical during this otherwise joyous and busy time of year. Following are three key concepts to focus on that will help everyone have a safe, secure, and happy holiday season.


  • Make sure everyone is trained in standard security operating procedures so you are ready when something happens.
  • Provide a refresher before each holiday season.
  • Prepare associates to deal with increased traffic.
  • Take extra care when training new or seasonal personnel.


  • Methodically follow your store security policies and procedures to the letter of the law, and do not deviate.
  • Don’t unlock the doors until the money and jewelry have been secured.
  • Make cash deposits more often if needed.
  • Keep the safe and jewelry cases locked when not in use.
  • Secure any outside merchandise to prevent theft.
  • Check your building before entering the store to see if there are any signs of a break in. Robbers have been known to break into a store without setting off the alarm system and wait for personnel to enter in the morning.
  • Always have an associate look for any unusual activities in the parking lot when opening and closing the store.
  • Provide good customer service to all customers.
  • Make sure you and your personnel know how to use the alarm system in case of an emergency.


  • Remember that you, your personnel, and your customers are your store’s most valuable asset, so never take chances with safety!.
  • Keep the aisles clear of merchandise to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure your associates are reminded of the proper way to lift merchandise, use ladders, and prevent physical injuries while stocking shelves and helping customers with their purchases.
  • Repair or report any unsafe conditions, including any inside or outside lights that are not working.


Remember we work to live not live to work, so take time to enjoy, and appreciate the holiday season.

  • Make sure to spend holiday time with family and friends while still operating your business.
  • Take advantage of your store’s bargains.
  • If possible, get involved in the community to help others.
  • Smile! A smile uses fewer muscles than a frown, so relax and enjoy the holiday season.

Best wishes for a very safe and prosperous holiday season!.

By Tony Gallo, Managing Partner of Sapphire Protection


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