Safe Moving Class 2017


Increase your Knowledge, Increase your Income

Rolland Safe & Lock Company conducts the most comprehensive “hands-on” safe-moving training available today. Your investment in this course will open the door to the lucrative, cash generating Safe Moving and Safe Installation business.


The Professional Safe Moving course combines classroom theory, demonstrations, and hands-on instruction. Learn safe moving from instructors who make their living moving safes using our highly efficient techniques and equipment developed throughout our 110-year history. Additionally, all aspects of this skilled profession — marketing, sales, and practical application — are presented in a relaxed, easy-to-comprehend format, and includes a course manual that is yours to keep.


Major Course Topics


One-man safe installation   |   The physics of safe moving   |   Safety first

Building ramps   |    Vault doors   |   Platforms, inclines, staircases

Floor plating   |   Elevator safety   |   Site survey & preparation

Bills of lading, freight claims   |   Selling yourself   |   Insurance


When will this event take place?

The set dates are June 24th and June 25th.

What is the price?

$395 gets you in both days

Are meals included?

Yes they are! We will serve breakfast and lunch both days

How can I sign up?

Email in order to get your registration packet.

Got any more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us! Shoot us an email over to  or give us a call 214-845-6821

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