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Trained, experienced safe handlers are crucial to all companies that transport, move, install or service safes. Unfortunately, most safe handling training in our industry is of the “OTJT”  variety (on-the-job training), a dangerously insufficient approach that can put your business at risk of serious injury to the safe handler, bystanders near a safe in motion and cause property damage.

Who will be the TRAINED, SKILLED safe handlers of the future?

With the retirement each year of many experienced and highly skilled safe handlers, there is an urgent demand for replacements to learn these vital, well-paying skills.

As a major provider of national safe service for thousands of businesses across the U.S., our company has a vested interest to ensure that there is a sufficient pool of up and coming safe installers gaining experience to fill the voids created by retirements. Thus we are awarding, via random drawing, a tuition scholarship valued at $395 each to 2 individuals for our Safe Moving Course, June 13-14. These scholarships are for individuals between the ages of 21-30 only.  (Travel expenses not included)

— Click here to view the Scholarship Entry Form –

Deadline: Thursday, May 21st at 12:00 Noon CST

Winners will be notified by email or text Friday, May 22nd, Noon, CST


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