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Can your Safe recognize an armed robbery?

What do armed robberies have in common?   – a gun, an assailant, and it happens quickly.   Armed gunmen want to take as much as they can in under a minute and leave.  The longer your armed robbery lasts, the more likely the assailant will be caught.

Security equipment that makes an armed robber wait can stop an armed robbery from ever taking place.   Armed robberies often come from friends of the employees that KNOW where the most expensive assets are kept.   Professional armed robbers know which stores have lots of cash on site and lower protection.

The Rolland PawnSystem knows this and plans to make an armed robber wait.   Pawns are kept in 32 individual drawers that each have its own programmable time delay to have to open.  If three of these drawers are opened too quickly – like in an armed robbery – the whole PawnSystem shuts down for 30 minutes.

Merely having a PawnSystem in your store prevents armed robbery and protects your employees or family working in the store.

When armed robbers know they have to wait – they will go somewhere else.


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