Rolland TSRs – A Common Misconception


We asked our Rolland Technical Service Representatives what they thought a Common Misconception might be regarding the services they provide to our clients.

One common misconception about what we do would be that we are instantly fully prepared to handle any issue that is thrown our way.

While we are determined to solve every issue that is handed to us, sometimes it does take a little longer for us to work our magic, especially if we are working with an issue we have never seen before. Fortunately, we love the challenge, and work our hardest to collect all of the information needed to fix the issue in the fastest time possible.

Occasionally our clients will become frustrated with the time it takes to get things fixed, but their frustration is immediately subsided once reassurance comes in that their issues will be resolved. There is nothing like helping a client solve an issue. And though we don’t get to see their joy first-hand when the job is completed, we at Rolland take pride in knowing that we’ve provided inspired service to yet another client.


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