Rolland Introduces the New Drawer Management System


Have you heard about our brand new product? Top of the line physical security for high value assets starts here:

For years, Rolland has been known for our flagship product, the PawnSystem.

The PawnSystem has proven to be a top-choice for Pawn Brokers across the nation as it offers ultimate protection from overnight burglaries, armed robberies, and internal shrink, all while giving pawn brokers the ability to organize their extremely high-value assets among individually accessed drawers.

Rolland now introduces the Drawer Management System. The safe boasts a TL-30 UL Burglary rating, which means it is perfect for overnight storage of extremely valuable assets.  Fitted with a smart drawer system, the safe allows you to organize your products in a way that works best for your company. Drawers of various sizes now make it easier to store different sizes or quantities of product, depending on your needs. The intelligent controlling system inside the safe offers maximum protection against armed robberies and internal shrink.

The DMS tracks which employees open which drawers, and allows you to restrict access to certain drawers for specified employees. This allows you to audit safe usage, and reduce inventory shrink at your place of business.

The DMS allows only one drawer to be opened at a time. This combined with a time delay for each door means that an Armed Robber would have to wait a specified period of time to access only one drawer at a time. After 3 drawers have been open too close together, the safe shuts down entirely. All of this lengthens the amount of time it would take for an armed robber to make off with even part of your inventory. Time is an Armed Robber’s first enemy, and a DMS makes your business an extremely difficult target for burglars and armed robbers alike. When the risk is too high, criminals look elsewhere.

With extremely valuable assets on hand, shouldn’t your business have the best of best when it comes to physical security?

Make yourself a force NOT to be reckoned with. Call 214.845.6800 or email and ask if the assets your business handles should be protected by the maximum security of a DMS.


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