Rolland Holiday Party


It’s a Family Tradition.. The Rolland Holiday Party!

It’s always such a pleasure to gather as a Rolland family and enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones. This is exactly what happened this last weekend when the Rolland team gathered together for the annual holiday party.

This year we kicked off the Holiday season with dinner and dancing – lots of dancing. Not to mention, a beautiful rendition of “The 10 days of Christmas” performed by the directors and executives, re-written for Rolland use in a way all of us could relate. We never knew the directors had such beautiful voices, even when they could hardly contain their laughter as they sang.

It’s events like this that keep the Rolland family tradition alive. Each of us love the opportunity to get to relax and enjoy conversations with not only those we work with, but with the spouses, friends, and loved ones who support our coworkers even in difficult times.

Without the support of these special people in our lives, we wouldn’t be able to carry out the dedicated and inspired service we provide each day. We love the opportunity to get to thank these people for the support, encouragement, and understanding they provide on the hard days and the late nights. This year we even took the opportunity to provide our guests with a small gift to show our absolute appreciation.

A special thanks to Eliana White, for taking the time to put together such a beautiful evening for all of us, complete with all of the details and décor to make the night one to remember.

Additionally, thank to each and every member of the Rolland team for the hard work you do all year long. It was a truly special evening, and we can’t wait for next year!


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