RODA Exit Alarm Case Study



Emergency exits provide quick egress in the event of a fire but paradoxically present security issues.

Restaurants and bars must provide plenty of exit points to meet fire codes.  However, emergency exits also serve as unsupervised access points for someone planning to steal your inventory.  Emergency exits and back doors are used daily to restock your business with inventory.  This presents the perfect opportunity for a deliverer or employee to move inventory out of your business.

The National Restaurant Association estimates that employee theft accounts for about 75% of a restaurant’s inventory loss amounting to an average 4% loss in revenue.

  • How secure is the main entrance of your establishment?
  • How secure is the kitchen door and emergency exits?
  • Are you monitoring all traffic in and out of each door?


Rolland’s RODA system offers safe egress while addressing security problems.  RODA is an exit alarm system that is always armed.  It can only be temporarily deactivated by a manager’s key for a period of time.  The door can always be opened, complying with fire code, but if opened without the control key, the alarm will sound and authorities notified.  RODA’s power supply is backed up by an internal battery that charges at all times.  Therefore, the system stays armed during a power outage or if someone attempts to compromise the hardwire power source.


The RODA delivers security to emergency exits and back doors.  What points of egress are you currently leaving unattended?  What is the cost of inaction?  Rolland’s RODA system adheres to all fire code regulations and remedies security issues imposed by an unattended emergency exit.


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