How the Right Door Hardware Integrator Could Save You Thousands of Dollars


There are literally thousands of components and details to review when you are building a retail strip center or a large corporate office.  At the time of build, only 1% of your spend is to Door Hardware – so it seems like a small detail.  But incorporating an integrator like Rolland from the beginning of your build can save you thousands of dollars on door hardware down the road.

How Rolland Integrates

Competitive Pricing.

Rolland will work with your architect and contractor to maximize your buying power.  Rolland has longstanding relationships with the top manufacturers of door hardware at all price points.  We leverage our stronger purchasing relationships within this industry on your behalf.

High Quality Assured.

Your contractor will have a choice or “x product or something of like and kind”.   The problem is that “like and kind” means your contractor can choose the least expensive option and you may find yourself with constant door hardware repairs and headaches.  There is a significant quality variance in door hardware considered “like and kind”.   Don’t leave this to chance. Rolland knows what door hardware brands have the longest longevity and the appropriate hardware for your specific application which lowers your Total Cost of Ownership.


If you have locations across the nation without integration, your keyway will lack integrity and continuity, leaving your facilities director and managers to thumb the Yellow Pages.  As an integrator, Rolland also gives you the rights to your keyway.  Without an integrator, you are indefinitely attached to a local locksmith who may not have the infrastructure to continuously save you money like an integrator.

Save money. Save time. Increase Security.

Please email Brandon Douglas at or call 214-845-6703 for more information on integrating best practices and security into your door schedule.


24 hours a day, every day of the year, you can reach Rolland Service to talk to a real person who can solve real problems.

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