The Treasury TRTL 30×6 was purpose-built for homeowners with high-value assets. This beast of a treasury is perfect for money, jewelry, small valuables, gold, or other high-value assets. This safe is certified by UL to protect against the most sophisticated criminal attacks, including the use of torches and explosives. There is little out there safer than this treasury.
Between alloy steel, pure aluminum, and pure copper, you’ve got multilayer protection coupled with Z Bar technology. There simply is no substitute for the reinforced walls this safe features. In additional the re-locker plate that detects attacks and fires bolts accordingly, you also have the added security of knowing that a closed safe is a locked safe. By this, we mean that bolts always extend automatically when the door is closed on the adjustable-shelf treasury.


4 1/8” thick walls on all sides

8 ¼” thick door

1 ½” diameter chrome plated bolts

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