The TL 30×6 is the bulkier, heavyweight version of the standard TL 30, making a perfect backbone for homes with more substantial assets, especially when other safes have failed. It’s the lightest UL certified safe to protect against criminal attacks. Joining steel, ceramic, and composite materials to create this robust safe structure, it features Z Bar reinforcement to further impede criminal attacks.

This safe comes standard with two combination locks, but a digital lock upgrade is always available. The re-locking plate detects attacks and releases bolts when necessary. Additionally, with the TL 30×6, a closed safe is a locked safe. Bolts extend automatically when closed, securely locking your safe. Your home deserves more than a gun safe or a locked door when it comes to protecting assets. That’s where the TL 30×6 comes in. Peace of mind shouldn’t come at too great a cost.


The TL 30×6 is available in various sizes and weights. For more details and specifications, please reference our product brochure.

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