The Rolland Eurovault Line is a perfect solution for homes of all sizes. Its reduced size makes it very versatile when space is of the essence, and it comes with a pry-resistant security installation platform to secure the safe to the floor, if need-be. Overall, this line of safes is comparable to a TL 15 rated safe, but at a lower cost. This unique-to-Rolland product is truly unique in that regard. Peace of mind shouldn’t come at a crippling price, especially when it comes to securing your beloved valuables.

The Eurovault line resists fire for around an hour. This safe line also detects attacks, and responds with an emergency bolts re-firing. Additionally, it features a UL rated lock, adjustable shelves, and high-density concrete.

Your home deserves more than just a gun safe to protect precious assets.

That’s where Rolland, and the Rolland Eurovault Line comes in.


Outer Dimensions: 17h x 17w x 17d

Weight: 510 lbs.

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