Pawn Theft Spikes Before Valentine’s Day


Make sure you’re ready – Pawn Theft Spikes Before Valentine’s Day. This Thursday is the most active day for Pawn Shop Robberies.

While Valentines’ Day is a time of love and care for most everyone, it also marks a time of high criminal activity for others.

Tony Gallo has been in the security sector of the pawn Industry for more than 20  years, and has tracked robberies over the years in his research.

It happens every year. Tony finds that the highest spikes in pawn shop burglaries are right before Christmas, and the Thursday before Valentine’s Day.

On this fateful Thursday, which falls on February 11th this year, robbers steal mostly jewelry and rush to the flea markets trying to sell the shiny treasures to last-minute shoppers on the Saturday before Valentine’s day.

While the main target is Jewelry, there is also a spike in theft of cash and general merchandise.

This Thursday, make sure that you pay special attention to the security of your store. Talk with your staff and go over procedures for preventing an armed robbery, as well as procedures for how to react if one occurs.

If you have a Rolland Pawn Safe, make sure the duress code feature is set up. This will allow you to enter a specialized code into your safe that can automatically alert police that your store is being robbed. Once this is set up, make sure that each staff member has this special code memorized.

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Written by: Krysten Demster



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