Pawn Store Robbery Caught on Tape!


Take a look at this video of the robbery that occurred last week at a top nationally recognized pawn shop in Auburndale, FL.

The video shows one of the criminals briefly examining the Rolland PawnSafe, and deciding to completely ignore its contents – they knew how difficult it would be to compromise the Rolland PawnSafe.

Because of the protection of the Rolland PawnSafe, the store suffered minimal fiscal losses from the armed robbery and avoided dangerous employee injuries. This is a major victory.  Rolland aims to provide expert security solutions to pawn shops that make the criminal’s job harder, or even impossible.

Ensure that your location is able to best survive an armed robbery with minimal injury and losses with the proper security and education at your store. For more information, please Please email or call 1-800-225-2984.

The four suspects are now in custody, and are responsible for murdering two women.


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