New Level III Vault in Mexico


One of our clients in Mexico reached out to Rolland, wanting to increase the security of his commercial location in order to better protect his client’s valuables. The client owns a business where people store their treasures in safe and secure deposit boxes – literally millions to protect in a city like Mexico.

Rolland designed a complete security solution involving a very intricate and heavy Class III rated UL vault weighing in the tons.  Building a vault this secure was a complicated process. A busy street called Ejercito Nacional, which runs adjacent to the business, even had to be closed during the building process. The project took 4 full working days to complete, but Rolland was able to build a vault for our client that is considered one of the safest places in Mexico.

Creating a secure environment for you and your location is what we do best. Feel free to contact us to learn how you can ramp up the security at your place of business. Contact David at, or call 214.845.6805 to talk to one of our security experts.


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