The National Pawnbrokers Association and Pawn Expo


The National Pawnbroker’s Association (NPA) began in 1987 as a means of grouping all the regional Pawnbroker Associations, in order to generate a revenue to be able to represent pawnbrokers on a national level in Washington.

The NPA tradeshows bring all of the state associations together to share ideas in a central location that offers education and networking for members and advocates. The event is ideal for bringing pawnbrokers and vendors together so that new tools and solutions can be brought into the industry.

Rolland has been attending these show since the late 90’s, and we’ve been every year since. We’ve even had the privilege of sponsoring several events over the years.

We love the NPA tradeshows because it gives people a chance to have face to face communications with pawnbrokers from all over the United States – all in one location.

This is especially helpful because it also means that pawnbrokers don’t have to travel all the way to several companies throughout the US to learn about the best solutions for their businesses. They are able to touch and feel revolutionary products, and have face-to-face hands on demonstrations to learn about these innovations.

We love the community found at the NPA tradeshow. We are always excited to connect with new and upcoming pawnbrokers looking to get into business, as well as reconnect with our existing clients on a more personal level.

“It’s an exciting show,” said David Randall, who has represented Rolland at the show for more than 15 years. “Pawnbrokers like to have fun, and the NPA show in Vegas is the place to do it.”

For us, we love sharing our Drawer Management System (DMS), also known as the PawnSystem, with the attendees. Our booth is always very active with business owners who love the concept and idea of the Rolland DMS. “They love that we went out and designed and developed a product just for them,” said Randall.

What has been your experience at NPA over the Years? Share this post and let us know!



Written by: Krysten Demster

Date: 7/11/16


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