Masked Men Burglarize Waxahachie Gun Store


Sunday morning, between 2:00 and 3:00 am, a stolen red Ford F-150 drove through the side of a gun store in Waxahachie. Once the wall had been penetrated, the suspects backed the vehicle back out of the building and began piling into the building one-by-one.

Once inside, the 7 men stole a total of 17 guns; 12 handguns, three AR-style high powered rifles, one AK-style high powered rifle and one shotgun. Among the stolen items, the suspects did not even attempt to steal any cash, which is a bad indication for the intent of their stolen goods. With the timing of this theft happening shortly after the events which occurred in Dallas last week, the situation is being investigated very aggressively.

Police were able to locate the stolen vehicle but not the stolen weapons.

The Shooter’s Edge posted on their website, “Our shop was burglarized and we sustained extensive damage to our building. Due to this we will be closed until further notice.”

Catastrophes like this happen far too often. There are ways to prevent your business from such a loss that it has to close. In order to save your company before anyone has the opportunity to shut it down, you have to take preliminary action.

One effective way of taking action is Security Site Planning.

Security site planning involves determining safety values for your business based on demographic risk analysis and trending awareness. From there, you must determine what are all the possible threats in it’s current and future state. This will help you decide what measures you need to take to secure your businesses assets and cash flow, as well as creating preventative measures that will deter a thief from having a desire to rob your location anyway.

Criminals are looking for an easy in and an easy out. If you make it apparent that your store will not offer that for them, they will go elsewhere

What preventative measures have you taken to deter thieves?

Anyone with information about the burglary should contact Waxahachie police at 469-309-4400 or the ATF hotline at 1-888-283-8477.

ATF is offering a reward for $10,000 for the recovery of these 17 stolen firearms.


Written By: Heather Haney



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