4 Masked Criminals go on Burglary Spree a Week Before Halloween


Any other time of year, four men going into a store to buy masks would be suspicious. With Halloween coming up in a few days, there was no rise in suspicions when four men went and purchased masks which would later be used to mask their identity in allegedly committing two crimes.

Sunday morning, 10/23/2016, at approximately 5:45 four men wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts showed up in two separate vehicles at a Metro PCS store in Port Charlotte attempted to burglarize the store by punching out the glass. After around 15 seconds they gave up at trying to break the glass and fled the scene.

Approximately an hour later, around 7:30 am, an eerily similar scene occurred 56 miles north of Metro PCS at the Puma store located at the Ellenton Factory Outlet in Ellenton Florida. Once again, four masked men in hooded sweatshirts attempted to force their way into the store, but this time they were successful. The four men went on a rampage throughout the store stealing clothing items such as shoes, shirts, and shorts.

After hearing about the burglary at the Puma store, the owner of the Metro PCS location released his video surveillance footage from his attempted robbery in hopes of assisting the police to find the burglars who ransacked the Puma store as well.

You can see the video here.

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Written by: Heather Haney

Date: 10/26/16


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