Marijuana Reform on the Presidential Ballot


The voting season will be upon us shortly, and many states have upcoming initiatives on medical and recreational marijuana that will either make the ballot or are holding strong in their efforts to make it.

At least nine states will participate in a vote for marijuana initiatives.

Among these nine, five states will vote in regards to legalizing recreational use of marijuana. These five states include California, Arizona, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine.

In California, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act campaign has received enough signatures to make it to the ballot. This initiative would legalize the possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use up to a specified amount.

In Maine, an initiative to legalize the possession and cultivation of marijuana for personal use will also be making it to the ballot after the campaign that originated the signatures successfully sued to revalidate signatures that had been previously deemed invalid.

In Massachusetts, an initiative to regulate and tax marijuana similar to alcohol will be on the ballot. This vote will also legalize the possession and cultivation for personal use but will add additional requirements for keeping the marijuana in enclosed and locked spaces within their residence.

These votes come in the wake of the federal government’s recent decision to not loosen restrictions on the scheduling of marijuana. Despite this, advocates are pushing forward with their initiatives in the hope that creating these new policies through the states will push reform nationwide.

The fight for reform still has a way to go, but the momentum from these initiatives could pave reform for the years to come. Are you registered to vote to help further the fight? If not, it isn’t too late. You can go to this site, choose your state, and it will walk you through when the deadline to register is and how to do so.

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Written by: Heather Haney

Date: 9/22/16


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