Jewelry Safe Attacked – They Came in Through the Roof


A Rolland safe has saved the day!

A jewelry store was broken into last weekend when burglars came in through the roof to attack a Rolland TL30 UL Burglary Rated safe inside of the shop.

The burglars bypassed the security system, and attempted to penetrate the next line of defense – The Rolland safe.

The burglars attacked the side of the safe, using torches, cutting disks, and pick axes, but never managed to make it through the cement. The Rolland safe put up such a fight that the burglars eventually gave up and left – leaving this jewelry store’s valuable safe and sound.

When burglary attempts occur at a jewelry store, a failed safe means the company looses inventory, repairs, layaways, and appraisal jewelry belonging to customers. Even with current and compliant jewelers block insurance in place, the deductible alone could cost 10% of the losses. Even worse, the loss of the trust of your clients means the customer base is damaged forever.

A failed safe in the case of no insurance could result in the business failing as a whole. Against great odds, even if the business were to survive, it would take years to regain the momentum lost.

Although we hate to see a tragedy like a break in, we are extremely proud that we are able to uphold the security of locations like this one in the face of criminal threats. Burglary attempts are life changing… burlary success is almost always life ending for the business.


Once again, Rolland safe saves a cherished business.


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