ISA – Tyler Jones


Congratulations to Tyler Jones, winner of this week’s Inspired Service Award!

Tyler has set an example for his team by really stepping up his game in the last few weeks as the workload has increased.  When asked to begin learning and working with safe service, he didn’t hesitate to step in, and has been a tremendous help in the process.  He has been unselfish in taking on the extra work as much as necessary, and has been absorbing everything he can to help out the safe operations of Rolland. He offers all of his help with a smile and a friendly attitude in the fashion of a true team player.

One of Tyler’s coworkers said that he can hear Tyler troubleshooting each day as he begins to learn more and more about the intricacies of these safes, and how we can help safe users to have the best experience possible.

We are so proud to have such dedicated hard workers here at Rolland. Wherever one team needs help, another team is there to support them as much as they can. It is this kind of teamwork that allows us to have a culture of truly inspired service throughout the company.

Congratulations, Tyler!

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