ISA – Spencer Wilson


Congratulations to Spencer Wilson, winner of this week’s Inspired Service Award!

Spencer has shown an eagerness to help and an excitement to learn, especially in the last few weeks. Rolland has begun a new process of training for the TechMaster, a high-tech lock with incredible features. The robust application of this lock makes it more complex to fully understand than many of our simpler locks. This didn’t scare Spencer. He was ready to learn and start solving problems, even when many others were wary of the more difficult product.

Most recently he got a call for support for the TechMaster right as the office was closing. This meant that he would not have his trainer there to help him with the issue. Spencer was able to get to work and figure everything out for himself, solving the issue and satisfying the client.

We were very impressed not only with his skill in the job, but with his attitude. Spencer was happy to take on the challenge, even if it meant he would be figuring it out on his own. It is that kind of dedication that keeps our company offering that high-quality Inspired Service that sets us apart from the rest.

Thank you Spencer!

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