ISA – Robbie Yarbrough


Congratulations to Robbie Yarbrough, winner of the ISA Award!

Robbie was nominated to stepping up to the plate last week when the team was short staffed. With a cheerful attitude and positive mindset, Robbie stepped into various jobs and played various roles throughout the team to make sure that everything was completed as it should be. With so many changes happening throughout the company, it was truly appreciated that he was able to be so helpful and flexible.

His efforts were extremely valuable in this short-staffed situation because the team was able to deliver what was needed despite the challenges they faced.

If you tell Robbie this, he’ll tell you that it’s the team that makes him look good. He proclaims that he has an awesome team, “unless it’s wrong, and then it’s all their fault,” he jokes. A special shout out goes out to the entire team, as Robbie says he couldn’t have won the ISA without them.

Robbie is focused on getting the job done, and getting it done right – the first time. It’s this kind of diligence and accuracy that gives our company the Rolland touch of quality in all that we do. Team members like Robbie, who are friendly and open with everyone, really make the work day a pleasure.

When he’s not busy being a team leader among his peers, you can find Robbie dirt biking with his friends and neighbors, or watching Game of Thrones, to which he boasts he is “finally all caught up”.

Robbie also thanks his wife for supporting him each day, no matter what. We’d like to thank her to, because it is that kind of support system that helps us to have such a great team here in the Rolland Family.

Congratulations, Robbie! Thank you for all of your hard work!



Written by: Krysten Demster



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