ISA – Marion, Fernando, Saile, Joe, Krysten


Congratulations Marion Mazza, Fernando Barelas, Saile Estrada, Joe Scott and Krysten Demster: winners of this week’s Inspired Service Award!
Last Saturday was Rolland’s family shrimp boil, and these individuals put in extra effort to allow the event to run smoothly. They came early, and left late to make sure that everything was taken care of, and ensured that all of the families in attendance were able to relax and enjoy quality time with their friends and loved ones.

Marion Mazza was a crucial part of the event, as she has put in several hours over the last few months, planning the intricate details of the occasion. From reserving a margarita machine, to hiring face painters, to coordinating food and games, Marion was an example to us all of the kind of Inspired Service our company strives for, as she worked to create a fantastic event for our family and friends last weekend.

Thank you to Marion Mazza, Fernando Barelas, Saile Estrada, Joe Scott, Krysten Demster and everyone else who helped make the event possible!


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