ISA – Mario Santana and T.C. Dominguez


Congratulations to TC and Mario, winners of this week’s inspired service award!

TC and Mario were nominated this week for the extreme hard work and effort they put in over the last few weeks. The dynamic duo worked for nearly 21 days straight, trying to meet a hard deadline. “We definitely lost a little bit of our sanity,” Mario laughed.

The incredible dedication put forth by these two goes beyond the last few weeks. TC and Mario go the extra mile on a regular basis. “We don’t know how to say no,” joked TC. In fact, the two work their hardest to always be available when someone needs help. TC said that she finds satisfaction in working her hardest to make sure that everyone is content and happy.

When asked what motivates them to put in the effort they do each day, TC said that she loves what she does. “I want the company to succeed,” she said. “If I can pitch in just a little bit for it to grow, that’s my reward.” TC says that she loves what she does because she feels as though her opinions are truly valued and taken into consideration. She says she hasn’t seen that kind of respect from many companies.

Mario said that his motivation comes from the challenge. Working with new teammates on this project was new and exciting for him, and he worked his very best to make it successful.

The two are extremely grateful to their team, including Tanya Gould and Mark Aune who supported them through it all. They also thanked Farrah Marshall for picking up their slack while they focused on the project, and Rolland President Keith McCuen for being there every morning to ask if there was anything he could help with.

Congratulations again Mario and TC! Thank you for all of your hard work!


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