ISA – Katrina Dykes


Congratulations to Katrina Dykes, winner of this week’s Inspired Service Award!

Katrina “KK” Dykes is a force to be reckoned with. She’s one of those people you’ll have to search for around the office when you need her, because she’s always needed by multiple people, all around the office!

You’ll find her solving problems and increasing efficiency in each department of the organization, especially her team in the warehouse. KK organizes projects and product prep in such a way that products can move through the warehouse quickly, which means faster delivery to our clients with a product that is crafted to perfection by her well-oiled machine.

This week specifically, KK was recognized for going above and beyond consistently. She’s here all the time, even on weekends, working to make sure that our Rolland family can succeed. It’s the hard work of people like her that give us the ability to offer the inspired service and quality products we deliver to our clients.

Thanks KK, not only for being the woman needed by all, but also for being such a friendly and energetic part of the Rolland team.


What is the Inspired Service Award? Twice a month, members of the Rolland team nominate and vote for someone they think has gone above and beyond in their work. The winner is the Rolland Employee that has shown the most Inspired Service that week!

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