ISA – Kaitlyn Rede


Congratulations to Kaitlyn Rede, winner of this week’s Inspired Service Award!

Kaitlyn was nominated by her fellow pod mate Mehwish Khan. Mehwish sent in an email nominating Kaitlyn in the early hours the week prior to the meeting, which is a rare occurrence. She stated:

“I would like to nominate Kaitlyn Rede for the Inspired Service Award. When transferring into her new role within the private client Pod, she showed her willingness to learn and adapt very quickly into her follow-up position. During her training period, she absorbed all and any information which was given to her. She questioned why the information being provided was important and asked how it was relevant to specific examples within her new role. I believe these questions showed me that she really wanted to understand her job role and provide the best service possible to keep our Key Performance Indicators within Home Office’s expectations.

She recently expressed her interest for being added onto our “On Call” rotation. With this new interest, I have noticed that when she has a technical question on hardware needed she doesn’t ask me to just to it for her. She gathers any questions she must ask and takes notes during my calls in order to resolve the issue herself for any future calls she may have on the same issue. I have noticed that she has started to order/add more parts on cases herself because of  the confidence she has gained due to the questions she has had answered by the entire Pod.

Another item I would like to recognize is her extensive knowledge with dispatch. When Sandra or I have any questions in a rural or difficult area to find a technician, she assists us by showing technicians we may have never called or known where in that area. She also provides assistance when we question any charges that seem to high and quickly recommends another tech who could cut the charges in half sometimes. She is a very great addition to our team and am excited to see her continue to learn more within the company.”

We couldn’t be more proud to have such a hard working and dedicated employee as part of our team!

Thank you Kaitlyn!


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