ISA- Guy Zimmerer


Guy Zimmerer has demonstrated a good ol’ Rolland helpful attitude for the past four weekends. Each of these weekends, Guy reviewed urgent records in the finance department, a super-fun task that Guy related to “bean counting”. While there are no beans, we can all get a sense of how nice it is for someone to offer to spend their time helping with these things for the company.

When Guy won the award this morning (along with the $200 that came with it), he said that what finance has accomplished in the last few weeks was a team effort and he announced to everyone in finance that lunch was on him.

When asked what was for lunch, Guy said “La Sabrosa or Wingstop. I haven’t decided.”

Either way, everyone here at Rolland is glad that we have people like Guy who we can count on to be a team player 110%.

Additionally, I’m sure finance is really glad he’s here too, since everyone at Rolland always has the munchies.
Congratulations, Guy!


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