ISA – Fernando Rede


Congratulations to Fernando Rede, winner of this week’s Inspired Service Award!

Fernando Rede (called simply ‘Rede’ around the office) fearlessly leads the service team here at Rolland, and has earned the admiration of many of his teammates.

“He’s always willing to help – no matter what, he takes care of all of us.” Said Cristina Delgado in a moving nomination for Rede to receive this week’s award.

Rede always makes himself available to his team any time there is a question or an issue. He serves as a great example for many of us here at Rolland.

When asked what motivates him to go above and beyond, Rede said that it comes from his dedication to his work. “I like helping other people out. I like bringing solutions – not problems – to the table,” said Rede.

When asked to describe his attitude toward his work, Rede called himself a “me-me.”

“A me-me is the person who raises their hand and says ‘Pick me! Pick me!’ anytime someone needs help with something,” he said. He calls himself this because he really likes challenges, so he is always up for taking on a new one.

Rede would like to thank his team for having his back and always helping him out. “I know we’re going through some growing pains,” he said to the team. “But we’ll figure it out and make it through.”

In his free time, you can find Rede watching football with his friends and family, cheering on the Dallas Cowboys (Go Cowboys!).

All of us here at Rolland would like to thank Fernando Rede for the commitment and effort he has put into his work and team. Found all around the office, whether it be taking a phone call, answering a question, or mopping up a leak (no, seriously), he is always there when you need him.


Congratulations, Rede!




Written by: Krysten Demster



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