ISA – Denny, Travis, and Tyler


We owe the success of our IC Cores to three of our valuable team members.  Congratulations Denny, Travis, and Tyler – Winners of this week’s Rolland Inspired Service Award!

These men stand out from the crowd because of their tremendous dedication to their projects.  They go above and beyond what is expected of them – in more ways than one.

First, these men exceed the expectations of simply following a set of instructions for keying cores before they are sent to a client. They truly understand the process, and are able to serve as an extra quality control for their work – correcting mistakes that may have been made down the line. It takes extra care like this from every step of the process to ensure that each core reaches our clients exactly as it should.

Second, these men have been able to maintain this quality at a 110% increase in projects just in the last month, even staying late or coming in on Saturdays to ensure that these projects are completed in a timely manner so that each client is happy.

This just goes to show how much we rely on our truly dedicated employees to be able to provide Inspired Service for our clients.

Great job, guys! We are proud to have you!


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