ISA – Christina Allums


Congratulations to Christina Allums, winner of this week’s Inspired Service Award!

As a true testament to Christina’s leadership skills, we received this nomination for Christina from her team, and we are truly impressed by the respect and appreciation she has from her team.

“Myself, along with the follow up/dispatch team would like to nominate our fearless leader, Christina Allums for the ISA.

I asked the entire team to provide reasons why we would like to nominate her and I would like to capture a few of the things that were said.

Christina always comes in with a smile and is willing to help anyone who needs it. No matter the type of day she has, she is patient with us.

Christina is our “Go-To” leader. Every day, she meets with her team to ensure that we are updated with the latest information from directors and managers. When the team needs help, she jumps in and fills the roll that is needed. She has been helping with Follow-up and Dispatch the past month to ensure we keep moving along. On top of everything else, her day at Rolland doesn’t end when she walks out the door. From home, she QC’s every case.

That being said, she really knocks the ball out of the park on being a manager. Our team is close, accurate and hard-working and that is directly inspired by her dedication and leadership. Thank you Christina.”

-Tiffany Hite & Dispatch/Follow Up

We are so proud of the way Christina is able to lead and inspire her team. This level of leadership is the reason Rolland is able to provide such high-quality service for our clients. Especially wit our dispatch and follow up teams, it is extremely important that this kind of unity and respect brings the team together to perform to the highest standards.

Thank you for all that you do, Christina!


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