ISA – Chris Libby


Congratulations to Chris Libby, winner of this week’s Inspired Service Award!

Because our Rolland family is so awesome, many members of the team go above and beyond their duties on a regular basis. What makes this week’s ISA special is that Chris Libby served as an example and an inspiration to his colleagues while on vacation.

If inspiring your team from your vacation isn’t truly Inspired Service, we don’t know what is.

Last week while Chris was in Ohio, he stopped to make a visit to some of our long-time technicians from Grey Enterprises in Akron, Ohio. He met with the owner, David Grey, technician Larry, and their bookkeeper, Gus. He looked around the business, talked shop with the technicians, and even took some pictures to bring back and share with the company.

His team, and the company as a whole, could not help but be impressed that he took time on his own vacation to go out and connect with one of our technicians across the country. He helped strengthen our relationship with Grey Enterprises without any instruction or recommendation. It simply was important to him.

When asked what motivates him to go above and beyond, Chris said “I love the company, and I do whatever I can to help it succeed.” Indeed, the bond he took the time to create with our Tech in Ohio is just the kind of thing that keeps Rolland offering top-notch inspired service across the country.

Chris says he tries to contribute to the company and his team whenever he can. He often volunteers with the team at the Ronald McDonald house, and says he tries to serve as an example for his colleagues with his attendance and dedication to his work.

What a lot of us don’t know about Chris is that he loves cats. He has two of his own, named Kitten and Cleo. He says he appreciates their independence. With the way he inspired all of us this week, we can see the relation.

Thank you again Chris Libby for all of your hard work!



Written by: Krysten Demster

Date: 7/20/16


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