ISA – Alyson McElroy


Congratulations to Alyson McElroy, winner of this week’s Inspired Service Award!

Check out the nomination Alyson received from one of her colleagues. The numbers don’t lie!

“Alyson just surpassed her 90 days with Rolland. Since coming back and working in the shipping/receiving department, she has established an environment of ownership and accuracy. With her previous experience in dispatch/follow-up/logistics, she is familiar with the process of parts shipping out, returns, etc. which gives her the ability to challenge orders being shipped. This knowledge, experience and attention to detail has brought a depth to the shipping department which has been missing.

Since returning to Rolland she has done the following:

Shipping que is cleared daily and in a timely manner – which means she leaves on time
Daily average over last 3 months has been 67.5 packages a day – highest day being over 100 packages

The total shipments processed has been 4084 UPS small packages and 179 FEDEX small packages for a total of 4263 packages with a .11% error rate – all this over the last 3 months – KUDOS!”
When asked what motivates her to perform to such a high standard, Alyson responded: “I think it’s because I’ve been in almost every position in service. I can see the big picture from beginning to end, and see how to reduce cost.”

If you visit Alyson in the shipping room, you’ll hear the soft background of music that plays all day long. After playing cello and stand up bass growing up, Alyson is passionate about music of all kinds. Maybe this is what keeps her so focused throughout the day.

Alyson takes pride in the fact that her passion for excellence extends beyond the office. In fact, in her free time you may find her volunteering at the animal shelter, fighting the urge to take all of the animals home with her.

Alyson wants to thank everyone for the opportunity to be recognized for her work.

Congratulations again, Alyson!



Written by: Krysten Demster

Date: 7/7/16


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