Inspired Service Award – Fernando Rede


Fernando Rede, winner of this week’s Inspired Service Award, is constantly looking for ways to better himself.

Almost 5 years ago, Fernando started at Rolland working with the safes in the warehouse. 1 year later, he would be offered the challenge of learning to service these same safes on Rolland’s customer service team. Fernando has been servicing safes on this team for almost 4 years, and has become an expert in this field.

Yet Fernando was still not satisfied. He asked to learn a new area of service, and has recently been put on the door hardware team so that he can become an expert in yet another area.

Even with Fernando’s own desire to learn more and try new things, he does not shy away from continuing to help with safe service when his expertise is needed. The customer service team as a whole greatly appreciated his willingness to help no matter what.

Great job, Fernando! Rolland is proud to have you on our team!


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